Swish Magazine: Labor of Love

Ten years is a long time and when you think about it in the sense of accomplishments, Swish Productions & Swish Model Management have achieved quite a bit in that time. 

I came on to work with CEO and friend, Liz Crawford in 2007. I won't lie, when I first started I wasn't totally sure why I was there or what I was doing. Working at Swish you have to sort of figure things out as you go and find your place. After some ups and downs, being encouraged and nurtured to grow into the person I am today, I definitely know now why I was there. 

Liz is one of those people who only come into your life once and they're in it for life. She's one of the most accomplished individuals I know. She's spoken in the House of Commons about regulating the Modelling industry in Manitoba and she's has a successful career as a Model herself, and Actress on an international scale. She's a marketing maven and a PR pro. She's a mother of two beautiful children and is the absolute rock of her family. As a business woman she is sharp, bright and tenacious. She succeeds at anything and everything she puts her mind to. Plainly put, there really is no stopping her. 

I've learned so much from her and obtained many valuable business skills as well as endless personal knowledge and advice. We've all been touched by Liz's  in our own ways and know her in different capacities but we can all agree that she's an incredible person. Cheers to Liz in launching the Swish Magazine and on a fabulous 10 years! 

(A special mention and congratulations to Grace Stewart for putting the whole magazine together, you are truly an amazing human and should be proud AF about this accomplishment! Also, to Ashley Tokaruk for all your dedication to making the magazine a success and your awesome writing contributions.) 

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Kate Yacula xo